Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Run, Kristin, Run!

I have recently made the decision to run my first full marathon on October 18, 2009! It will be the Nike Women's Marathon held in San Francisco, CA. I am going to be running as a member of Team in Training, part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). In exchange for receiving expert training on running, nutrition, etc., I have committed myself to raise at least $3,300 for LLS. The funds raised will be used to go toward the effort of wiping out blood cancers! I have been wanting to get in shape for a long while now (yes, even when I was pregnant with Noah I would longingly look at my old pictures, imagining I could look like that skinny girl again one day). Well, obviously my desire to get in shape hasn't gotten me too far lol, so I have decided to try & motivate myself by helping others. When I am tired on Saturday mornings and want to sleep in, I won't anymore. I have team members who will rely on me to show up and work hard just like they do. In addition to that, there are infants, young children, teens, and adults who are relying on me to raise money to find a cure for what they suffer from. This experience is not about me getting my body beach ready (although that will be a nice perk :) )- it is about getting off my butt to do something for others and try to help in some small way. On October 18 when I get tired from running 26.2 miles I will think of those who fight a much tougher battle everyday and that I am doing this for them because they deserve to live their lives just like the rest of us. I know times are tough right now, but please check out the link below and support me if you are able to. Every little bit helps & it may make the difference in a person's life. Pass it on to others if you think they might be interested in supporting me as well. Thank you!

Love, Kristin


Friday, April 3, 2009


Guess what? We got an apartment! We are going to be moving down to CSUCI to live in an apartment near campus. We got a cute little 2 bedroom, 2 bath place that's on the 1st floor (yay for not worrying about stairs as much) and our move-in date is May 28. The campus is awesome- they offer no credit check, waive the application fee & deposit, and give discounted rates to staff. It was too good an opportunity to pass up so we are going for it! It's going to be a new, fun adventure and I can't wait to get in and start making our own little home :) It will be small and will be an adjustment, but it will be OURS and that's what matters. Our little family of 4! The grandparents are nearby and we'll still be up in NP for dinners and softball on Sundays. We'll let you know once we're settled in!

P.S. This picture doesn't really have to do with moving, except that hopefully this is what Noah will be doing most of the time we're trying to unpack :) I love my little peanut <3


It's pretty crazy that within like a 3 mile radius of where we currently live, there are 4 Starbucks to choose from. Two of those are in the same shopping center- heaven forbid we have to go to Starbucks THEN to Target, they have conveniently put in a Starbucks inside of Target now. $$ boost: After actually going to the Starbucks inside of Target (I know, pathetic) I noticed that they tax their drinks. Lame. Anyway, I've been trying to excercise a little bit everyday whether it's walking, jogging, crunches, or all 3 on a good day. The other night we walked to Kohl's to browse around and of course, to feed my habit, stopped at Starbucks. The workers know us fairly well and since we had the boys with us, they made Jacob his own little strawberries n creme frappucino. It was too cute watching him be all grown up holding a little sample cup of his drink (naturally he didn't want mommy or daddy to help him with it), but at the same time, I kept thinking- we're creating a monster! Let's hope I don't continue to take my 1 1/2 year old to Starbucks so much that it becomes expected.