The Steiners are: Greg, the dad, Kristin, the mom, Jacob (5), and Noah (almost 4!).  Technically, "we" were established June 21, 2008 with a most magnificent wedding on the beach in Santa Barbara.  However, Jacob came bounding into our lives 9 months before that in September '07.  Ever since then, life has been full of ups and downs, learning patience, humbleness, and gratitude along the way. 

Greg- Dad, graphic designer, sports enthusiast
Greg was born and raised in the small town he is now raising his two boys in.  He is a wonderful father to Jacob and Noah and loves swimming with them, taking them to the park, and making them laugh.  Greg's skill specialty is graphic design and he has begun delving into the web design arena to build on his talents.  He loves music, movies, steak, and hanging out with friends (ping pong anyone?)  All his life he has loved sports and is a die-hard Lakers, Dodgers, Angels, LA Kings, and SD Chargers fan.  Long live So Cal, right? 

Kristin (me)- Mom, Support Coordinator, "The Boss" ;)
I grew up in the same town as Greg and love the fact that the boys are being raised here too; it's a great place.  I love hanging out with my boys, whether it's watching a movie together, "washing" the car outside, or running around at the beach.  They are my pride and joy and will always have my heart.  I have been working at a local university for almost 10 years now and have had the great opportunity to continue to do so.  My career aspirations vary from week to week, so expect some solicitation for input/opinions/advice along the way while I figure out what exactly I should do with my life :)  At 27 years old, I am still deciding, but at least I've got it narrowed down to 2 things now.  I am striving to be a more active person, so I may post for advice and tips on various fitness activities and nutrition, or for the occasional complaint that it's too cold (in SoCal) to be outside and running around.

Jacob- 5 year old (?!) superhero, truck and dinosaur enthusiast, s'more lover
Jacob is our first-born; he is 5 years old and wants to know about EVERYTHING.  A one-sentence answer is no longer sufficient.  Not only does he want to know why, but also how. I hope his interest in life and the world stays this strong throughout his life and I hope he uses it to learn all that he possibly can and do great things. He is quickly learning how to get around the rules we set or options he's given ("No, you can't have hot cocoa."  "Ok, I want milk with a little chocolate in it, warmed up."  Good try, dude), but it is an adventure everyday and his sweetness always melts my heart. He is a joy to be around and loves dinosaurs, trucks/cars, the Avengers, Spider-Man, Godzilla, playing outside, and helping his cousin Natalia.

Noah- our almost 4-year-old, dinosaur guy, fruit snack connoisseur
Noah is our youngest; he will be 4 in February and brings us nothing but joy each day (that's what we're supposed to say, right?).  He is a comedian and knows it.  "Mom, guess what?  Chicken Booty." I am going to really have to step up the teacher gifts when this boy is in school full-time.  He takes after his brother- trucks and dinosaurs and he is a happy camper.  He will inform you that an ankylosaurus is actually also a euoplocephalus or that the pteranodon you just pointed out is actually not that, it's a ramforinkus.  Given that he has an older brother to look up to, he also has us doubled over in laughter with some of the questions, expressions, or just silliness that comes out of his little mouth.  He loves to be outdoors, jump off of things, eat fruit snacks, and bug his big brother.  

There you have it.  2 bigs, 2 littles.  Excited about life and supporting each other along the way!

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