Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring is here!

We are adjusting to life with 2 little boys quite well I think :) Noah is up a couple of times a night to eat, but he's already on a 6 oz. bottle so I think he'll be sleeping through the night pretty soon (knock on wood :) ). He is growing so quickly and we are trying to treasure these moments because we have seen how fast time goes by watching Jacob grow. It's hard to believe Jacob will be 2 years old in about 6 months and will be starting his own little adventures at daycare/play groups. I am excited to get him started in some kind of regular routine with other children his age because I want him to make friends and be social before he goes off to preschool :) He is very curious about his little brother Noah and while there are little moments of a tantrum or frustration, Jacob is such a great helper and always wants to give his brother hugs and kisses. Jacob is such a big boy already and I am cherishing the cuddles and kisses I get now because I know before too long he will be off with his friends, not wanting to cuddle with mommy lol. It is amazing watching these 2 boys together and I can't wait to see them interact even more as they grow. I am back to work full-time now and while I do enjoy my work and the people I see everyday, I miss Jacob and Noah and sometimes wish I could just stay home with them everyday. We'll see what the future holds. Greg has been keeping up with his World Financial Group venture so if you know anyone who needs financial services (life insurance, health insurance, financial planning, etc.) please let us know. We would be happy to help and show you what the company is about and see if it's right for you. Greg has also been doing some graphic design work as well so that's been good too :) I am thinking of going back to school to become a nurse so if you have any advice/tips let me know!! When I was a little girl I wanted to be a medical doctor but then I realized the schooling involved and what exactly you have to look at/do so I kind of gave up on that dream. When Jacob was in the NICU after he was born the nurses at St. John's were amazing and I was really inspired by them. I love to help people and I absolutely love children/babies so I honestly think nursing might be a good fit for me. It would mean back to school, studying, and committing my time to that for a few more years so it is something I'm thinking long and hard about before I decide to pursue it. If not now, maybe when the boys are older. Anyway, just wanted to give an update on where we're at. Cannot believe March is practically over already! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the CA sunshine. Take care <3


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